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Are you looking for a competent professional to manage all your on-site heavy lift and heavy haul activities? Our project managers have a background working in this industry, have a clear understanding on what is expected and will act as owners’ representatives.


At Cetlla, we know that besides technical know-how excellent communication skills are a must for a HL/HH project manager. Our project managers participate in site safety and scheduling meetings, coordinate activities with the relevant entities and subcontractors and communicate with engineers if needed to ensure safe execution of every heavy lift.

Our project managers are familiar reading and interpreting engineering documentation associated with heavy lift and heavy haul, such as lift and rigging drawings.


We believe we are stronger together and act with a strong pro-active focus on

  • Safety, Health, and Environment

  • Scheduling

  • Budget


Cetlla project managers will report to you for the duration of the project for all site activities.


Are you looking for a heavy lift heavy haul Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the duration of your project, turnaround, or just a critical move, our professionals stand ready to assist. Cetlla has a pool of SMEs available to oversee HL HH activities. Our SMEs have gained this position by years of in-field experience.

Primary core competence areas of Cetlla SMEs are:

  • Heavy Lift & Rigging

  • Heavy Haul

  • Barging and Ro-Ro

  • Bull rigging


Are you looking for an independent company specialized in heavy lift heavy haul to perform a safety audit? Is all on-site rigging still in good condition, and all certification in compliance with the governing codes and standards? Are all operators and crane certifications in compliance?


Cetlla offers to perform safety audits. With years of expertise, safety audit sheets, and competent and certified professionals we can provide you with a detailed insight of safety compliance associated with heavy lift heavy haul on your project.


Have you received the Heavy Lift Heavy Haul execution drawings from your contractor, and would you like to have an independent technical review performed? At Cetlla we have years of experience performing detailed technical reviews. The level of depth of the reviews will be discussed with you prior to performing the work.


We pride ourselves in the quality of independent technical evaluations we perform. Technical evaluations associated with lifting, transport, Ro-Ro, barging and shipping. For many years, our team contributed to the successful execution of countless projects.

The Cetlla method to perform an independent technical review of an execution package:

  • Cetlla has detailed checklists subject to each activity. Each list contains primary and secondary technical parameters to be verified.

  • Sharing of the checklist with the entities involved to ensure a constructive and efficient review and approval process.

  • In-house verification and approval by Cetlla’s competent professionals of all engineering information provided. Our team will take a pro-active role working with all entities involved to obtain the necessary information and recommend adjustments as needed.

  • Cetlla further offers to make one of their field consultants available for perform field verifications to ensure compliance with the pre-approved engineering packages. (See HL/HH SME / Field Rep.)


At Cetlla, we excel at providing comprehensive professional engineering support services in preparation for and during turnarounds. Our team understands the importance of minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency during turnarounds. Safe performance of the scheduled activities in each shift is an everyday priority. Refer to “Turnaround preparation” to learn more about how we can assist you getting ready for your turnaround and “HL/HH SME / Field Rep.” to find out how we can assist during turnaround.

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