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Do you have a project coming up and are you starting to get ready to get your project prepared? Cetlla offers engineering, consulting and project management support to assist you with the Heavy Lift Heavy Haul related scope of work.


Cetlla’s competent project managers, with many years of HL/HH field experience, will support you by coordinating all your HL/HH activities. Cetlla HL/HH management services focus on the following areas:

  • Safety, Health, and Environment

  • Scheduling

  • Budget

Our team of experts consist of professionals who have worked in multiple positions from crane or transport operators to field engineers and senior project managers. Cetlla project managers speak the language of HL/HH and are proficient in risk management.


What sets us apart is the specialized industry experience, we are independent and act on behalf of you.


Cetlla engineering department can assist you providing professional heavy lift heavy haul plans. Our project engineers are proficient using the latest software, have years of experience, and have worked on countless number of projects. Subject to the project requirements, Cetlla offers to provide both offsite as well as onsite engineering support. Our engineers will identify recommended equipment, equipment configuration, limitations, and placement.


Our team is up to date on all current equipment, including cranes, trailers and barges.

Cetlla heavy lift plans include amongst others:

  • Crane configuration, and utilizations

  • Rigging arrangement

  • Ground Bearing Pressures

  • Wind Limitations

  • Crane location and clearance check

Cetlla heavy haul plans include amongst others:

  • Trailer configuration, utilization, and traction calculations

  • Lashing arrangement

  • Stability analysis and hydraulic groupings

  • Ground Bearing Pressures

  • Wind Limitations

  • Trailer configuration turning radius.

Cetlla barge plans include amongst others:

  • Barge size

  • Barge layout

  • Equipment staging arrangement

  • Equipment lasing arrangement


More Information coming soon.


Cetlla engineering department is experience in preparing critical lift packages, or super lift manuals. These packages consist of an in-depth heavy lift execution package, fully reviewed by Cetlla independent engineering department. Cetlla offers different levels of Critical Lift Packages, which may include:


  • Lift Matrix, including a summary of all lifts

  • Overall Site Plan with crane locations

  • Organizational responsibilities and contact details

  • Personnel qualifications

  • Contractor safety records

  • Civil Engineering review, including geotechnical and GBP analysis

  • Rigging Engineering review, including rigging diagrams, utilizations, and wind speed limitations

  • Lift Point analysis, including lifting attachment calculations and NDE inspections

  • Equipment Inspection Testing and Maintenance records and procedures

  • Wire rope inspections and certifications

  • Crane assembly and disassembly procedures

  • Detailed execution schedule

  • Risk assessment, controls, and mitigation

  • Contingency & emergency procedures

  • Lessons learned sessions


Cetlla has extensive experience creating heavy lift heavy haul Invitation to Bid (ITB) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) packages. Why is this helpful?

  • It makes contractors quotes comparable to perform constructive bid evaluations

  • It defines responsibilities to accomplish efficient project contracting, planning and execution while reducing project cost overruns

  • It addresses management of change procedures to define the impact of potential changes as part of the bid process.

Cetlla is familiar with the technical, commercial, and contractual aspects of a Heavy Lift Heavy Haul project. The background and expertise of Cetlla results in an effective bid process for all parties involved. 


Amongst others, RFQ and ITB packages include:


  • Bid structure and guidelines

  • Confidentiality

  • Detailed scope of work

  • Milestone schedule

  • Resources schedule, and competencies

  • Management of Change and Change Orders

  • SHE-Q

  • Draft Contract


Cetlla’s approach is focused on Risk Management in the field of Heavy Haul Heavy Lift. We have grown our engineering expertise through experience, the background our professionals and our ownership structure, which provides access through a wealth of specialized knowledge.


Cetlla offers to perform a wide range technical reviews, from independent technical bid evaluations to in-depth analysis of heavy lift heavy haul execution packages.

Technical bid evaluations:

Many variables are to be considered to perform a thorough and objective technical bid evaluation. We have developed an in-depth numerical scoring matrix specifically for heavy lift heavy haul projects. Prior to the technical bid evaluation, we will discuss the scoring areas, scoring criteria and scoring factors with our customer and make project specific adjustments based on feedback received.


The matrix results in an overall score and evaluation narrative per evaluated technical bid.


Heavy Lift Heavy Haul execution package reviews:

We pride ourselves in the quality of independent technical evaluations we perform. Technical evaluations associated with lifting, transport, Ro-Ro, barging and shipping. For many years, our team contributed to the successful execution of countless projects.


The Cetlla method to perform an independent technical review of an execution package:

  • Cetlla has detailed checklists subject to each activity. Each list contains primary and secondary technical parameters to be verified.

  • Sharing of the checklist with the entities involved to ensure a constructive and efficient review and approval process.

  • In-house verification and approval by Cetlla’s competent professionals of all engineering information provided. Our team will take a pro-active role working with all entities involved to obtain the necessary information and recommend adjustments as needed.

  • Additionally, Cetlla can provide field assistance as requested. Our field consultants are available to perform field verifications to ensure compliance with the pre-approved engineering packages. (See HL/HH SME / Field Rep.)


Cetlla is well versed in performing both technical as well as commercial reviews. At Cetlla we stay up to date on industry developments, have a good understanding of the market and are familiar with the contractual aspects and risks in heavy lift and heavy haul projects. 


All commercial reviews are performed under strict confidentiality. Prior to transferring commercial data, Cetlla will request its customer to specify which individuals are authorized to receive such information and will comply with the customer requested communication lines. At Cetlla, all information is saved on secured servers, and all employees, directors, and officers are committed to non-disclosure of information associated to bid reviews.   


Cetlla has established successful methods to perform commercial bid reviews through years of experience working with numerous owners.


Does your project require an out-of-the box solution? Are you looking for a specific system to accelerate your execution window, minimize risk or maximize efficiency?  


With 1000’s of auxiliary equipment items in stock, we may have exactly what you are looking for through Alltec Lifting Systems. Does your project require something else? Then Cetlla’s team of engineers will further assist you with a custom solution.

Cetlla’s team of engineers are familiar with heavy lift heavy haul applicable codes and standards and are proficient working with a wide range of engineering software. From concept design, to FEA, and cycle fatigue analysis, our engineers can support your project needs.


With our in-house fabrication facility, and qualified welders we can fabricate and test the equipment prior to shipment under our control.


Cetlla offers to provide assistance pre-turnaround as well as during turnarounds. Learn more about how we can assist during the Pre-Tar Planning phase under Project Initiation.

To get prepared for the turnaround execution we will work with your team and contractors to ensure all aspects of heavy lift and heavy haul are considered and evaluated. Services include:

  • Verification of critical lift packages

  • Verification of equipment and manpower certifications

  • Coordination of any civil preparation associated with heavy lifting and heavy hauling

  • Coordination of mobilization dates with heavy lift subcontractors

  • Management of heavy lift subcontractor scope of work

  • Finalizing Risk analysis and Risk mitigation plans

  • Establishing Management of Change procedures

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