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The Cetlla team has acquired knowledge and experience having worked for respected crane companies both national and international. Our team is composed of individuals who worked in multiple positions, from crane and trailer operator to project
engineering, supervision and executive management. The individuals below are a true representation of Cetlla and the quality of services we provide. 
Meemaken BV
Managing Partner

Roderik van Seumeren held the position of CEO of Mammoet between 2005 and 2011. Based in the Netherlands, Mammoet is a global leader in the heavy lifting and transportation industry. Under Roderik’s leadership, Mammoet experienced phenomenal growth in both revenues and profitability, a direct result of Roderik’s focus on operational excellence in combination with employee satisfaction. When Roderik left Mammoet in 2011, the company employed 4,000 people across 40 countries and generated 1 billion USD in annual revenues. 
Since 2012, Roderik has held the top management position for the Meemaken Group of Companies, headquartered in Utrecht, the Netherlands. MeeMaken BV is an active participation company with a worldwide network and a strong portfolio of companies specialized in providing innovative lifting and transport solutions, training, e-learning and data security. 

Vice President

Maikel Takken joined Alltec in 2014, and in 2017 became President of Alltec managing all aspects of the business. Maikel holds a Master of Science in Management and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in addition to 14+ years in managerial roles in respected companies specialized in heavy lift heavy haul. Maikel started his career as a project engineer at Mammoet for the Global Projects Department. Soon thereafter, as project manager, he took responsibility over various global heavy lift projects in Europe, Middle East, and North America. In 2010 Maikel accepted the position of General Manager for Mammoet Venezuela and executed countless specialized projects with his team.

Maikel joined the Meemaken Group of Companies in 2013. He was responsible for the establishment of the Integrated Projects Department at, a company specialized in Heavy Lift Engineering. His experience goes well beyond managing, Maikel is known for creativity and implementation skills and his technical and commercial expertise in design and construct, horizontal and vertical transportation. His wealth of knowledge and experience equip him with the necessary skills needed to continue to operate and grow Alltec/ Cetlla successfully.

Rodney Parker has a wealth of experience within the Heavy Lift & Heavy Haul Industry. For over 20 years he has worked in this industry. Rodney was instrumental in driving substantial business growth for some of the major crane companies, including Mammoet, ALE and Roll-Lift USA. Rodney has held roles in executive management and business development/sales. As President for Roll-Lift USA, he grew the company from start-up to 50million USD annual revenue, employing over 100 people within 2-year.

In 2020 Rodney accepted the role as Vice President for Cetlla. His experience in the Heavy Lift & Heavy Haul industry has provided him with an exceptional basis to provide technical and commercial support related to shipping, transport and lifting.

Technical Manager

Christopher “Chris” brings 20+ years of extensive knowledge in the field of heavy lifting and transportation. His background includes onshore and offshore rigging design and construct projects, as well as A-to-Z heavy lift and heavy haul planning and engineering projects. Prior Alltec/Cetlla, Chris worked for Bengal Crane and Rigging, Versabar, and Petra Consultants. Chris’ proficiency in a wide range of engineering software, FEA, stress and tension analysis ensure clients are being provided with quality engineering. Through continuous learning, experience, dedication, and commitment Chris has developed his career into managerial roles. Because of his background and management skills, Chris is fitted to lead and guide Cetlla’s team of designers and engineers.

Lead Project Engineer

Jaime Avila holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and joined Cetlla as Lead Project Engineer. Jaime’s career started at Mammoet where he worked as Project Engineer. He advised clients in the development of bid phase plans, and executed project execution plans for complex lifts, transport, and vessel installation. He developed feasibility studies for transportation of heavy equipment in both South and North America and created and coordinated project schedules, deliverables, and field execution plans. His knowledge in heavy lifting, heavy hauling, barging and shipping equip him with the right skills to support complex projects.

Project Engineer

Alfonso Martin is a registered Professional Engineer and has extensive knowledge of AISC, ASME, ASSCE, API, and OSHA standards. He started his engineering career in 2003 and gained experience in the Heavy Haul Heavy Lift industry working amongst others for Mammoet, Amec Foster Wheeler, and Koch Industries. Alfonso executed heavy lift projects at multiple plant locations throughout North and South America for Valero, BP, CB&I, Enterprise Products, Lyondell, and Marathon.  Alfonso has extensive engineering experience associated with shipping, barging, ro-ro operations, heavy lifting, heavy hauling, gantries, and strand jack operations. In addition, he has been lead engineer for the design and construction of multiple complex lifting and jacking devices. In 2017 Alfonso joined Alltec Lifting Systems and since has been instrumental to the successful execution of countless heavy lift heavy haul projects.

Senior Consultant
Heavy Lift Heavy Haul SME
Senior Consultant
Heavy Lift Heavy Haul SME
Sales Representative

Anthony “Tony” Blanks joined Alltec Lifting Systems in 2008. He is a U.S. Army veteran with 40+ years of experience in rigging and crane related activities. Tony’s experience goes well beyond rigging. He has hands-on heavy lift experience working as crane operator, rigger, rigging foreman and rigging superintendent for known companies, including TNT Crane & Rigging, JVIC, S&B, and Brown & Root. He trained fellow co-workers, directed crane operations, and prepared and supervised critical lift and transport operations. He is closely involved with Alltec R&D projects and plays a key role in training young professionals at Alltec and Cetlla. His wealth of expertise, and people skills equip him with a unique skill set making him a superb Senior Consultant.

James “Jim” Ervin has 30+ years of in-the-field Heavy Lift and Heavy Haul experience. Jim gained his experience working for respected crane companies, including Maxim Crane Works, Baldwin’s, Barnhart, and Mammoet. Jim coordinated countless heavy lift projects as Project Manager, and Superintendent. Projects involving cranes, multi axle trailers, gantries, strand jack systems, shipping, barging, skidding, and jacking. In addition to his broad technical knowledge in the field of heavy lift heavy haul, he also gained significant experience associated with scheduling, budgeting, and contract management. Jim joined Alltec/Cetlla in 2013 and since has been working for numerous projects overseeing complex heavy lift and heavy haul projects.

Jessica Ocampo joined Cetlla in a unique way that allowed her to gain insight and experience by rotating through a variety of areas within the company to eventually become Sales Representative. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology degree from the University of Houston. She brings 10+ years of professional experience in various roles including design engineering, sales, event planning and human resources. She has the ideal blend of knowledge and skill set of an engineer and the persona to develop and maintain client relationships and partnerships.

Crane and Rigging Specialist
Certified Crane Operator

Arthur “Bo” Eaton joined Cetlla as a Crane and Rigging Specialist. He brings over 15 years of valuable in-the-field experience as a rigger, crane operator, and supervisor/ managerial roles. Prior to Cetlla, he worked as Yard Manager for Roll-Lift and Mammoet being in charge of equipment inbound and outbound inspections, maintenance, and assembly and disassembly of cranes up to 1350tons. With his wide range of knowledge of cranes and rigging equipment, he is suited to be an advocate for clients and their needs.  

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